KING TRIBUTE MACHINE Featuring Kitty Armstrong, bass player from Canada
"This Band is in sincere tribute to Mark King, Boon Gould, Phil Gould and all the other Members of Level 42, past and present. I appreciate your kindness more than I can say, and I will always be grateful to all of you for that. Thank you so much for your awesome help, support and guidance over the years, mates!!! You always have been, and always will be, my write music, to have the chance to give back the happiness that you have given me. Thank you. Cheers!!! A BIG Thank You to my friend and sponsor Mr. John Diggins of Jaydee Custom Guitars, who also made my Jaydee Bass so lovingly and perfectly!!! Thank you, John......You are the Best without a doubt!!! xo Cheers!!!"

Kitty Armstrong     

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Mark King & Kitty
October 2008

Kitty & Mike Lindup
October 2008

Kitty & Gary Husband
October 2008

Nathan King, Kitty, Mike & Gary
October 2008

Robert & Kitty
Bicester, September 2008

Latest News Thursday, May 6th, 2010:

Added the "Baron Hats" page! Find out all about Master Hat Maker Mark Mejia, and Tito Jackson's signature Bolar, the "Toriano"!

Latest News Monday, March 29th, 2010:

Kitty is putting final touches on her album titled, "The King's Court"!
The album is dedicated to all Level 42 Band members, both past and present, and also the song The King of Life, is dedicated to Mark King personally. All songs were written by Kitty Armstrong. (Songs will be available shortly, please go to the Music Page)

1. Mirrors
2. Thats me, a Survivor
3. Come on up
4. check it at the door
5. I don't need it
6. what comes around stops
7. The King of Life - bonus solo too with this one. This song will be released as a single.

On the album as well there will be a special mention to Kitty's sponsor, Mr John Diggins of Jaydee Guitars.

Welcome to KING TRIBUTE MACHINE, based in Canada. It is the only verified tribute band of it's kind in Canada and is getting particularly well known for it's female bass player, Kitty Armstrong. With over 20 years experience with Mark King's and Level 42's music, she has quietly made herself known in the music industry, due to her consistent playing ability, which is remarkably similar to Mark King's.

This band is devoted, with many thanks, to Mark King in particular, and Level 42 members, both past and present. For more information on Mark King and Level 42, visit FOREVERNOW.COM or LEVEL42.COM.

For more information about Kitty, or her band, please go to the About Us section, and also check out our other links on this site as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and if you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us by one of the methods below.

Carl Mueller (Webmaster)

General Info:

Jaydee Guitars' John Diggins
Official Sponsor of Kitty Armstrong

Phil Gould
"With thanks from Kitty to Phil!"

Boon Gould

"Boon, thank you so much and cheers, mate!!!"

Boon Gould & Kitty
Maple Leaf Gardens 1986

Mark King & Kitty
Maple Leaf Gardens 1986

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